Artificial Latest Compositions:
RAGA Dhanashri | Raga Maru Bihag | Raga Malkaunsa | Raga Hamsadhwani | Raga Vibhas | Raga Bhairavi | Raag Adbhut Kalyan
(Note: The above compositions are created by machine without any human support.)
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Shruti Nidarshanam: The Sarana-Chatushtaya Experiment
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Bharat Veena
Making of Bharat Veena / Shruti Veena

A Brief Note on Artificial Intelligence and Music

Artificial Intelligence is an interdisciplinary field of knowledge which tries to mimic human behavior through machine. Taking inputs from computer science, mechanical engineering, psychology, philosophy, linguistics and neuro-biology it tries to build models of human behavior. This system tries to mimic creative intelligence of Indian music. However, soon it was realized that one should go beyond and should not restrict to imitating existing Indian music. So it was decided to build a model of creative musical intelligence for Indian music that is independent of any existing styles or Gharanas of Indian music.

Expert system is supposed to possess the knowledge of an expert in the domain. Therefore, the principles, concepts and conventional knowledge base of Indian music have been encoded in this system in the form of generic rules to generate music. It’s a rule based system. It does not have any database. In fact, on the other hand it generates the required musical data following the rules. This is the strength of Artificial Intelligence.