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Shruti Nidarshanam: The Sarana-Chatushtaya Experiment

It gives me immense pleasure to share a PDF copy of the paper titled `Shruti Nidarshanam: The Sarana-Chatushtaya Experiment’ based on Bharata’s Natyashastra. I realized that this experiment is frequently quoted and discussed at various forums; however, it appears that the researchers have not closely scrutinized it. This paper tries to fill up this gap. This paper is based on the research results of my recently published monograph titled `The Doctrine of Shruti in Indian Music’.

Bharata’s `Shruti Nidarshanam’ experiment as thoroughly discussed in Natyashastra is a conclusive proof of the equal temperament twenty two shrutis. This also tells a musician to how to establish shrutis on Veena and perceive them in a step-by-step manner.

During last two centuries many theories of shruti were proposed by scholars who believed that shrutis are not equi-tempered. The `Shruti-Nidarshanam’ experiment, as discussed in this paper shows that all these models are not consistent with the description from Natyashastra and Sangita Ratnakara. On the other hand `Shruti-Nidarshanam’ experiment succeeds only with the paradigm of twenty two equal temperament shrutis.

This experiment is so accurate and sophisticated, as discussed, that one gets awe-struck by the intellectual and mathematical genius of the creator of this experiment.  This experiment can be conducted on a single Veena or Sitar.  I designed and developed a special Shruti Veena/ Shruti Sitar to verify the Shruti Nidarshanam experiment. For more details as well as Sharangadeva’s Shruti Nidarshanam experiment and computer simulation of this experiment you can refer to my monograph titled `The Doctrine of Shruti in Indian Music’.

The PDF of this paper is available for download on following link:

The PDF of my monograph titled `The Doctrine of Shruti in Indian Music’ is available at

You can circulate this paper among academicians and musicologists. You may upload this paper on your websites, blogs, digital repositories/ library and share it with interested persons.

I would be happy to receive your comments and observations to take the discussion forward on Indian Music.

With Warm Regards,

Dr. Vinod Vidwans
Professor and Chair,
FLAME School of Fine & Performing Arts,
FLAME University,
Pune, India