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Making of Bharat Veena / Shruti Veena

Making of Bharat Veena/ Shruti Veena

Designing and developing a Bharat Veena/ Shruti Veena was an insightful experience.

I would like to thank Mr. Sajid Mirajkar and Mr. Matin Mirajkar of Yusuf Mirajkar Musicals, Pune for making it possible. I am impressed by their enthusiasm and readiness to explore possibilities and make the necessary changes while making a new instrument such as a Bharat Veena/ Shruti Veena.

Following are some of the unique moments in the process of making the Bharat Veena / Shruti Veena.

First schematic sketch of the Bharat Veena/ Shruti Veena by Dr. Vinod Vidwans

Fixing the 22 frets for 22 Shrutis and fixing the Strings


Mr. Matin Mirajkar testing the frets and strings


Giving finishing touches


Mr. Sajid Mirajkar tuning the Bharat Veena/ Shruti Veena


Bharat Veena/ Shruti Veena is ready


Equal temperament 22 frets for 22 Shrutis with a Majestic look.


Bharata’s seven Swaras are established on the Bharat Veena/ Shruti Veena