Artificial Latest Compositions:
RAGA Dhanashri | Raga Maru Bihag | Raga Malkaunsa | Raga Hamsadhwani | Raga Vibhas | Raga Bhairavi | Raag Adbhut Kalyan
(Note: The above compositions are created by machine without any human support.)
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Artificial Intelligence Created Latest Compositions
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Bharat Veena
Making of Bharat Veena / Shruti Veena

Innovative Application of Information Technology (IT)

The creatively intelligent expert system is an innovative application of Information Technology (IT) since it makes IT as a robust tool to explore fathomless depths of the domain of Indian classical music. It is an attempt to make IT relevant for research in Indian cultural themes.

The software is capable of generating novel musical phrases appropriate for a specific raga while rendering, therefore it is useful for experienced musicians to use it as a supplementary tool for Riyaz (practice). The software can be useful for researchers in musicology for testing existing theoretical concepts in Indian music.

For a common listener, the software can be a handy device to generate a new composition every time you want to listen to a specific Raga. If you like the composition, you can save it and listen to it again and again. The system keeps generating new compositions without repeating them. Presently, the system generates compositions in an artificially created instrument which produces flute-like sound and artificial sound of Tanpura. The composition is played in Teentala using sampled Tabla beats