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Bharat Veena
Making of Bharat Veena / Shruti Veena

Computational Theory of Indian Music

Dr. Vinod Vidwans has extensively studied the ancient treatises on Indian music such as Naradi Shiksha, Natya Shastra of Bharata, and Sangeet Ratnakar of Sharanga Deva which provide common foundations for Hindustani as well as Carnatic music. Inspired by these treatises, he then developed a theoretical frame work for generating Indian Classical Music on computers which took about twenty years. These efforts provide foundations for computational theory of Indian Classical Music. The theory and consequential creative expert system addresses many of the outstanding issues related to Shrutis (microtones), characterization of Ragas (Indian melodic modes), classification of Ragas, Chalan or Pakad (catch-phrase) of Raga, Raga-rendering, Vadi-Samvadi notes of a Raga and composition of a Bandish. Main motivation of this effort is to analyze these issues and understand the science and logic behind the traditional Indian Music.

He has encoded generic rules of Indian classical music in the software. The software is capable of generating appropriate alaaps, taans and swara-vistar following these rules. You provide Aroha (ascending order of notes) and Avaroha (descending order of notes) along with Vadi (a dominant) and Samvadi (a sub-dominant) notes of the Raga to the software and it generates a Bandish at the click. It also generates a text file giving the details of the composition so that you can document the textual description of the rendering for future reference and analysis. It can be a useful tool to learn music and understand these rules with the help of a text file.